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"Mason & Gloria Two extremely through, professional, patient and most of all -kind considerate people. No question goes unanswered!"

-Joanne Dusel, Skaneateles

"Recently I changed my accounting firm to Wristen Accounting in Auburn, NY. From the moment I walked into their office. I was greeted by Mason Wristen in a friendly and very professional manner. I was asked a series of questions by Mason so he could best serve my accounting needs. When I asked questions, I got intelligent answers that were clearly understandable. Once while I was in a meeting I looked out and saw landscaper doing yard work. When I asked about the landscape firm Mason told me they were a client for 30 plus years. If you are looking for a high-quality professional accounting firm, I recommend Wristen accounting Going with them is one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Dennis Conard,N.Syracuse,NY"

-Dennis Conard, Syracuse, NY, 13212

"I have been coming to Wristen CPA since 1986 and they are the best by far for having them to do my taxes. They not only care about doing your taxes but also very friendly and enjoy seeing you. I highly recommend them. So glad I made the right choice years ago. Leon Humphrey, Auburn, NY"

-Leon Humphrey, Auburn, NY

"Gloria assisted me masterfully with catching up on years and years of unsettled business. She is swift, knows how to do taxes better than I can walk and is a joy to be in the company of. With gratitude and relief, I enthusiastically offer my recommendation."

-Izé Goodfriend, Auburn, NY

"Mason was great! Did anything and everything to help us, this is our second time processing our returns with him and we will continue to go back. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Thanks again!"

-Nicole and Fred Babiarz, Auburn

"Gloria has been our accountant for almost 28 years. She has been there for us through "thick and thin". She has been an integral part of our business and don't know what we would have done without her, both professionally and personally. When Mason came on board we couldn't have been more delighted! I recommend Wristen CPA to everyone I know. Thanks Guys!!!!"

-Martha Baker, Weedsport

"THE ONLY PLACE YOU WILL GET PROFESSIONAL SERVICE WITH A SMILE. BEEN GETTING EXCEPTIONAL ACCOUNTING SERVICES FOR SEVEN YEARS THE ONLY PLACE YOU WILL EVER NEED.. Husband and I bought property 7 years ago was tough getting started but with the support you get from them we were able to get where we are today ... so if you're looking at these testimonials looking for a professionalism to acknowledge you, this is the place to be if you go see them send a hello from us."

-Stacie Church, Martville NY

"I am a Daycare Provider and attended one of Mason's training's for Daycare Providers. I learned so much from him during the training and knew when left that I wanted him to do my income taxes. It is a very stressful time to get everything prepared for my appointment. After sitting in his office for a few minutes I had such a peace knowing that I was definitely in the right place. Mason made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. My appointment was actually fun. It is very comforting knowing that everything was completed in a very professional way. Thank you so much Mason, I greatly appreciated your kindness shown to me."

-Lori Mooney, Moravia NY

"I have known and enjoyed the tax services of Gloria for many years. She is very professional and personable and seems to enjoy finding ways to solve any problems that one may encounter in the world of taxes. She takes the time to listen and communicate her thoughts clearly but what is especially nice are all the little things that she does for her clients that help smooth out lifes' little financial bumps. I highly recommend Gloria and Mason no matter what you require in the way of tax service."

-Joe Morfei, Florida and New York

"I have worked with Gloria for the past 15 years & more recently with Mason. Key elements in business for me are preparation, communication & a professional knowledge of the service rendered. I enjoy their demeanor & relaxing work environment. I would encourage everyone searching for a new level of service or perhaps someone new to the area to reach out to Wristen CPA. Jack Cunliffe Auburn"

-Jack Cunliffe, Auburn, NY 13021

"What a team. Mason and Gloria are fantastic. They have always been on top of the new laws and regulations. I have excellent service from them with my families returns. I highly recommend them."

-Mike Coombs, Auburn NY

""I have been a client of Mason and Gloria's for years. She and Mason have always been very professional, knowledgeable and are constantly reviewing the changes made to the tax laws. Their great understanding of the IRS and New York State tax laws gives their clients the best service possible. I would and do, highly recommend their services to everyone!""

-Michael Woodard, Auburn N.Y.

"Mason and Gloria have not only been our family accountant for over 20 years, but they have remained close family friends. They have worked tirelessly for my parents helping them stay afloat in complicated times of self employment. Every year since I have been out of college, Mason and Gloria have helped me navigate through the ins and outs of the tax world. Even though Mason and Gloria moved their firm across the country, Mason is only a phone call or an e-mail away. He is never too busy to reply to an e-mail and is one of the most dependable people I have known. I often shoot over questions and/or concerns during the evening and on weekends, and I have not waited more than an hour for a response. He and Gloria have shown an enormous amount of professionalism and knowledge to myself, my family, and my husband. I would recommend Mason and Gloria to anyone."

-Alicia Taylor Lansdown, Dallas, TX

"Thank you for helping us out for all these years. And especially for recently helping our friends with their young business. Over the last couple of weeks they have on a regular basis been thrilled to hear of your strategies and "interventions". It's a pleasure for us to see them optimistic and enthusiastic about their futures. They have had an accountant that just doesn't seem to care. When you work as hard as they do and are met by disappointment after disappointment, it wears you down. You plug on because there is nothing else to do, defeating as it may be and heavy as you may feel. Thanks to you they are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. So... When you get to thinking that all you do is sit in your offices and push columns of numbers around... THINK AGAIN. You change lives. You don't just read the numbers, you breathe life into them for people. We are proud to call you our friends, thank you for everything you are... and do."

-Rick and Judy Luce, Geneva, NY

""Mason and Gloria were recomended to us by some friends,... we had never had "accountants" before, we had always gone to one of the cookie cutter, tax preparation places, so we really weren't sure what to expect... we were very pleasantly surprised. There knowledge and there professionalism, as well as just being "good people" has changed our lives. We are proud to call them our "Accountants" as well as consider them friends!!! We would recommend them to anyone in need of any tax service and hope they realize they will be our accountants for life!!!!!!""

-Daryl and Mary DuVall, Red Creek N.Y.

"I have been a client of Mason and Gloria's for years. There is no doubt they both have a great understanding of the IRS and New York State tax laws. I know first hand from a very long IRS audit, their knowledge of the IRS laws. They both stood by my side until we reached a successful conclusion with the IRS. I can never thank them enough for their outstanding work."

-Anne Malvaso, Auburn, New York

"I have been a client of Gloria for over 25 years. Gloria has given myself, family and friends expert advice and services. Gloria is a trusted friend and has my utmost confidence. I've always told her, she'll be my Accountant for life!!!!"


"I have been a client of Gloria for many years. She and Mason have always been very professional and knowledgeable and are constantly reviewing the constant changes made to the tax laws in order to give their clients the best service possible. I highly recommend their services to everyone!"

-Joel Pinker, Auburn, NY

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